How to curl hair with flat iron

Curling your hair with a flat iron is fun and gives you great bouncy curls. Though you need some practice before you start getting it right. Here are some of the tips and techniques to curl your hair with flat iron.

First step is the you must have full dry hair because wet or damp hair would not make good curls at all. So, ensure that you dry your hair completely before starting to make curl with flat iron.

Nest step involves using a thin flat iron usually with plate width of around 1 inch. You need to heat up your flat iron according to your hair types, fine natural hair would need heating flat irons up to minimum temperature.

Now you should apply some heat protectant like heat protection sprays and serums so that your hair gets a protection layer and minimizes the possible damage from heat of flat irons.

Next step is little bit technical and involves making small sections of your hair. Curling small sections will give you more flexibility and better curls. Now start curling each with each section of your hair, by twisting flat iron half, one at a time with all other sections tied up. Start close to the scalp. Repeat this process until you have curled all sections.

Size of each hair section depends upon how tight curls you want to make. For tight curls you need to keep less hair in each section whereas for loose curls you can keep more hair in each section.

If you want more curls then you can rotate the flat iron full instead of half. You can try these two methods i.e. half turn and full turn for making curl. This way you will get fair idea about what types of curls you get with these methods.

Sometimes curls do not hold after curing them with flat irons to get rid of this problem you can put hair spray just before you start curling your hair. This will help in holding the shape of your curls.

After finishing curling your hair with flat iron you can run your fingers through the hair in case you made loose curls and if you have made tight curls then you can apply some mist of hairspray on your newly made curls so as to keep these curls tight and sleek for whole day.

So these above techniques can help you in getting curls with flat irons. You will need some practice to get the desired results. After some practice you will start getting great curls and at a faster speed with no extra cost of getting hair curlers. You can innovate and have fun with your hair styling. You can explore many different types of hair with flat iron like combination of these straightens hair and curled hair. Just be innovative with the hair styling as this will give you more confidence.

 Please do share with us how do you use these flat irons to make curls and share new ideas of curling your hair with flat irons.

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