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Heat styling is one of the most used methods for hair styling.  Though we have pay the price for using these heat styling tools in the form of damage they cause to our hair, scalp or may be skin. The most of ceramic and tourmaline flat irons can cause damage even if of great quality if used too frequently. Heat damage to your hair is hard to repair, and most of the time you will have to cut your hair to get rid of the damage.

best heat protection spraysThis heat can make your hair extremely dry and result in frizz. It can damage the hair proteins. It can disturb the natural moisture in the hair with excessive heat. You hair may have all sort of problems like splitting, breakage, radial and axial cracking. These damages are mostly permanent in nature and very difficult to reverse.

Therefore finding the best heat protection spray should be your primary goal straightway if you can not do without heat styling. These heat protection sprays apply coating on the hair and lubricate them for heat styling. In this way your hair has some sort of protection from best hair straightener, blow dryers and curling irons.

These heat protectant sprays  and other heat protection products will allow you to style your hair with flat irons at the same time these will keep your hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

Below given table contains comparison of the best selling best heat protection sprays on the basis of user ratings, costs and types.


Alterna Bamboo Smooth Anti-Breakage
$204.5Minimizes breakage,
strengthens hair
Kenra Platinum Hot Spray$194.3Protect heat damage,
UV protection
Matrix Biolage Thermal-Active $154.3Strengthens hair,
gives bounce and
UV protection
Miracle shine spray with noni oil $144.5Makes hair shiny,
smooth and prevents
environmental damage

TRESemme Thermal Creations
$74.3Reduces Heat Damage, Conditions and
Make hair Shiny

So, in the above comparison table we have selected the some best selling sprays which have received excellent ratings and sufficiently good number of customers has given positive reviews about these heat protection hair sprays so that the overall rating reflects the true picture about them.

Ingredients of Best Heat Protection Sprays

The ingredients of these heat protection sprays include amino silicones, hydrolysed proteins, vitamin E and polyquats. This heat protection hair spray shields hair strands from damage because of heat styling.  Most of the available heat sprays act as buffer between hot tools and your hair by coating the hair strands from the outside.

In addition to providing heat protection, these sprays also moisturize your hair thereby giving shinier look. The heat protectants are applied to the dry or little damp just hair prior to using heat styling for sealing the outside hair shafts.

Review of the top best heat protection sprays

We have below reviewed some of the top rated heat protection sprays for you.  You can select the best heat protectant spray according to your needs so that flat irons and other heat styling tool damage can be minimized.

Kenra Platinum Blow Dry Spray

best heat protection sprayThis spray includes ingredients evaporative silicones, Jojoba oil and argan oil. These help in drying your hair faster, softens hair and strengthen hair.

It provides great heat protection from the damage and hair breakage. It also helps in detangling your hair, smoothening and softening your hair.  It really helps in dry your hair faster especially if you have thick hair. It turns your frizzy and curly hair into silky and straight hair. It smells good too.

This spray has received user rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 stars at It has been reviewed by over 110 customers which means this heat protectant spray has really worked for lot of people. It cost you around $26 though little bit pricey but worth every penny. Click here to know more and buy at amazon.

Straight Sexy Hair smooth & Protect Flat Iron Hairspray

best heat protectant sprayThis smooth and protect hair straightener spray does not contain water which helps in making hair straightening faster and saves lot of time for people who does this too frequently.

This spray gives good results for wet and dry hair making them smooth and moisturized. It protects your curly, wavy and coarse hair and makes them extremely soft and silky and moreover it can last for several days keeping your hair smooth.

This is one of the best hair straightening heat sprays around.  It smells very good and it is not sticky at all. It works well for long hair, frizzy hair almost all types of hair before using flat irons.

This spray has received user rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars at It has been reviewed by over 50 customers. It cost you around $13 only. Click to know more and buy at amazon Straight Sexy Hair smooth & Protect Flat Iron Hairspray by Sexy Hair for Unisex - 4.1 Ounce Hair Spray



TIGI S-Factor Flat Iron Spray

heat protection sprayThe heat protection hair spray ensures that your hair is adequately protected against heat damage which can result in heat styling processes like blow drying, flat ironing and curling.

This is specially designed so that it absorbs maximum heat from your hair straighteners and thermal styling tools. It also gives UV protection.

It contains Vitamin A and E which helps in nourishing and conditioning prevents damage from heat styling. It can be used on wet or dry hair making them radiant and healthy. The antioxidants in this spray protect your hair from external environmental damages.

It smells nice just like a candy. It is not greasy and makes your hair very soft and smooth and protected.

This spray has received user rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 stars at It has been reviewed by over 60 customers. It cost you around $18 only. Click to know more and buy at amazon  Tigi S Factor by Tigi S Factor Flat Iron Shine Spray Heat Defender for Unisex, 4.23 Ounce

Your Thoughts Please


You have seen the above options for the best heat protection spray. These heat protectant sprays have worked really well for many customers.

There are continuously new sprays are coming in the market, so we shall update as and when some spectacular sprays comes up.

If you feel that there is one which we have missed here then please let us know in the comments below, it shall benefit everyone.

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