Pyt hair straightener- Flat Iron Guide

pyt hair straightener reviewsAbout the Company: Inside every woman is a Pretty Young Thing, this is what the “Pretty Young Thing & Co” thinks and I guess they are quite right, aren’t they? Probably that is why pyt hair straightener has a very young appeal.

PYT brand gives women the power to bring out their persona by making some great looking pyt flat irons.

Pyt produces hair straighteners of a number of different designs and variety so as to select the best looking and best performing flat irons according to your hair type, for styling as good as professional one.


Special Features of Pyt flat iron hair straightener:  

Pyt has some of the following great features that will make flat iron more and more appealing to buy.

Latest Technology:  Most of the Pyt hair straightener tools boast of the latest technologies like infrared heating for heat styling on your natural hair.

Infrared heating technology is pretty useful in making your hair look smooth, shiny and soft because it binds the moisture which is available in your hair inside the hair itself. This is a very good feature of pyt hair styling tools.

Floating plates: Pyt has a friction free floating plate which lets your hair move freely between the plates and does not creases while you style. This feature makes flat irons to glide through your hair smoothly without tangling and pulling your hair.

It also helps your finish hair straightening faster so you will have heat on your hair for less amount of time which also minimizes heat damage.

Great Design: These flat irons have ergonomic designs.  The ergonomic designs make hair straighteners more strong and sturdy , their grip is also very smooth which gives lot of comfort while using them on your hair.

It has very long about 9 feet long swivel cord which makes it very convenient to use.

High Quality: These pyt tools have very high quality ceramic plates which produces even heat throughout the whole plates.

These high quality ceramic prevents burnings spots on the flat irons plates. You will get absolutely frizz free hair once you use them.

Temperature settings: The pyt straighteners come with variable temperature settings. The temperature setting ranges from 200 degree Fahrenheit to about 400 degree Fahrenheit making them absolutely useful for different types of hair like thick , coarse , curly and frizzy hair.

As different types of hair require different heat settings for best results so these irons will provide you with that feature.

Dual Purpose: Now this is a big feature of pyt hair straightener. You can use it as a straightener as well as a curling iron.

It provide you many options right from straight hair to tights spiral curls , wow waves and flip ends. So you can use it for hair styling according to your mood and occasion. It is a complete hair styling set , so to say.

 We have reviewed below some of the best selling Pyt irons for you.

1.25″ PYT Purple Flat Iron:

PYT Purple Flat IronThis flat iron is having extra high grade floating ceramic plates. The width of these ceramic plates is  1.25 inch.  It has variable temperature settings from 200 to 400 degree Fahrenheit.

Its 9 feet long 360 degree swivel cord is very convenient in use. It has a easy grip heat resistant handle, so no worries of burning your hand while using flat irons. It has a very nice start and stop button. It heat pretty fast, in just 10 seconds it is ready to use.

It is a dual voltage flat iron with only 150 watt power output. Dual voltage flat iron is very useful for those who are constantly travelling because you need not to carry a converter along with you whenever you travel.

It has got user rating of 4.1 out of 5 at Amazon. It will cost you around $67 only.

To buy it click here 1.25" PYT Purple Flat Iron.

PYT Ceramic Pro Styling Tool

PYT hair straightenerThis Pyt Ceramic Styling Tool has 100% ceramic material. It has 1.25 inch wide floating plates which generate far infrared heat ensuring a better heat conductor. It has an ergonomic body which provides for slick and straight hair.

 Its temperature settings ranges from 140°F to 450°F giving better temperature control to match different hair types. It gets ready for use in mere 10 seconds.

 When you will run this PYT through hair it makes your hair look like permed hair. It is amazing as it leaves a great shine on your hair.

 It has got user rating of 4.4 out of 5 at Amazon. It will cost you around $80 only. To buy it click here PYT Ceramic Pro Styling Tool - Black New!


Here is a video showing you Pyt ceramic styling tool for getting sleek and straight hair.

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