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pau mitchell flat iron reviewsPaul Mitchell makes one of the highest quality hair straightener. They were among the first company to stand up against animal testing. Paul Mitchell hair straightener  is sold in almost 100,000 U.S. salons.

If you like to use the quality products for your hair then Paul Mitchell flat iron is the way to go. Paul Mitchell hair straightener gives you the much required nearly a professional hair styling every time you use it. So you need not to visit hair stylist too frequently once you own it.

Paul Mitchell flat iron gives great results for almost all types of hair, be it natural, kinky, coarse, frizzy, thick, curly etc.

The interactive table shown below provides you the comparison of top five Paul Mitchell hair straighteners based on the specifications, user ratings and usability.

Flat IronSpecsAdj
RatingUseful ForPrice
Paul Mitchell Express Ion Smooth 1.25 Hair Straightener Flat Iron, 1-1/4 Inch

Ceramic,1.25"Yes4.3Thick, Frizzy, Dry, Wavy Hair98
Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron

Paul Mitchell protools Limited Edition Glitter Express Ion Smooth 1.25"
Ceramic,1.25"YesNewAfrican American,Curly,Thick160
Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ion Smooth + Flat Iron 1.25"

Ceramic,1.25"Yes4.6Thick, Frizzy, Dry, Wavy Hair90
Paul Mitchell Protools Express Ionstyle 1.0 Professional styler, 1 Inch

Top selling Paul Mitchell flat iron reviews

1. Paul Mitchell Express Ion – Express Ion Complex is fused on to the plates to speed up hair straightening and helps against any damage to your hair. It also makes the straightener work faster so you would need far less time to straighten your hair.

It glides smoothly through the hair from the inside out giving healthy and shiny looks.

2. Paul Mitchell Neuro Smooth Flat Iron: This is one of the latest additions in Paul Mitchell’s Professional Series products. The Neuro Smooth is considered as a revolutionary flat iron. Its premium isotherm strong titanium plates allow complete straightening in almost one pass and also produce flips and waves.

This flat iron has a unique ultra sensitive SmartSense microchip which records the temperature 50 times in a second and produces 100% even heat. This iron is also covered under a two-year warranty.

Have a look at the following video:

Flat irons shown in above table include various features which you must look for in a best flat iron to get best results.

Express Ion Complex plates speed up hair straightening and help against damage to the hair. Express ion Complex a blend of silicone and ceramic smooths quickly from inside out leaving your hair hydrated, conditioned and completely frizz free. It restores the moisture and sealing the cuticle for longer lasting hair colour.

The solid ceramic heating plates provide even distribution of heat through the plates.

Beveled edges of these flat irons ensure seamless smoothing of your hair.

Express grips of silicone which are infused in the plates helps easy gliding over hair for smoothing, faster styling, better control and extra hair shine.

Super-charged negative ions on the plates control static and flyways.

The innovative design of Paul Mitchell Flat Irons like in paul mitchell neuro smooth and express ion helps in multitasking for creating all types of styles, including volume, curls, waves, flips, and smoothing.

Turquoise glitter finish gives the smoothing iron a brilliant sparkle.

The slim plates allow for hair straightening close to the scalp preventing burning.

The different warm tiers in the straighteners are made to suit almost every type of hair.

Variable temperature settings allows you set heat settings according to your hair types , thick curly hair require hair straightening at higher temperatures as compared to natural, thin hair which should be straightened at lower temperature.

All the above mentioned features make Paul Mitchell Hair Straightener best selling, high quality and almost ever lasting ones.

How will you select the best flat iron out of the above shown irons? Well, different flat irons produce different types of results depending on the various hair types.

Like, long thick hair will be best straightened with higher width plates as compared to short hair where you would want to use smaller width plates which prevent burning of your scalp.

Curly or coarse hair needs higher temperature settings as compared to natural hair.

I have already written in details about all these factors in selecting a best flat iron for your hair here at how to choose a flat iron.

Purchasing a Paul Mitchell straightener will cost you little more than other hair irons but its high quality and long lasting feature will save you lot of money in the long run. You will not be requiring changing your hair straightener too frequently once you purchase Paul Mitchell’s. So it will ultimately prove best cheap flat iron in the long run. You can also check out the other high end great quality flat irons like KQC here.

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