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royale hair straightener reviewsRoyale brand in the hair straighteners, curlers and blow dryers has gained lot of reputation and trust of the people. Royale hair straightener is of the top quality and all these products come with a 5 year warranty.

When you are looking to buy the perfect hair flat iron for your hair type i.e. curly, wavy, coarse, African American hair then your search can very well end with one straightener from Royale. This royale flat iron gives excellent results for personal as well as professional use.

These hair straighteners have latest technologies like Nano-Technology, Far-Infrared heating plates giving you best results by removing frizz, flyway and sealing in the moisture for providing better conditioning.

Royale flat irons include very small silver particles on its plates for keeping your hair clean. It also helps in sterilizing bacteria and maintaining your hair healthy and good scalp condition.

Reviews of top Royale Hair Straighteners

There are number of Royale flat iron models to choose from. We have reviewed some of the best selling flat irons for you as below so that you can select the best.

Royale Flat Iron Classic Peacock


royale hair straightenerThis is a 1.25 inch 100% ceramic floating plate flat iron from Royale. It’s far infrared and nano silver technology helps in locking in the hair moisture and preventing the damage caused due to regular hair straighteners.

It has adjustable temperature settings from  176 to 446°F  which are very helpful for different types of hair. It heats very fast in less than just six seconds so you can save lot of time.

This flat iron has unique ergonomic design and it’s ionic heat gives your damaged hair a great shiny and sleek look and feel. It also protects color treated hair.

Classic Peacock flat iron features 100% ceramic plates. Ceramic flat iron plates radiate far-infrared heat, preserving moisture in the hair shaft and protecting the hair cuticle from damage.

This flat iron is a dual voltage flat iron which can work well on voltages of 110V to 240V so that you can take it along with you where ever you travel. It has 360° swivel cord which prevents tangling and it has non slip grip for great hair styling. Moreover it comes with a 5 year warranty so no worries about its damage or malfunctioning.

It is a great buy at about $50 at amazon. It gives great results in straightening hair , removing frizz and makes your hair look lustrous and shiny.

To buy and know more click. Royale Flat Iron Classic Peacock

Royale Black Full Set Curling Iron, Mini Flat Iron Travel Size and Classic Hair Straightener

royale flat ironsThis is a combo product which includes three items like 1.5″ Classic straightener Grande, clipless curling iron and a mini flat iron. This a complete hair styling set for you. It takes care almost all your hair styling needs like curling, straightening and a travel companion.

Again this Royale product employs far infrared technology for giving great results. It removes frizz and dryness from your hair by sealing in the important oils and natural moisture in the hair. It also uses special damp to dry technique.

It is also having adjustable heat settings ranging from 80C to 230C and a dual voltage functioning. It has 3 meter swivel cord for convenient movement which prevents tangling. It comes with a five year unconditional warranty.

As it has two different size hair straighteners, you use it for different types of hair. Overall at around $85 it is a great product to buy.

To buy and know more click. Royale Black Full Set Curling Iron, Mini Flat Iron, Classic Hair Straightener

Royale Classic 1.25 Inch Purple Flat Iron Hair Straightener

royale hair straightener reviewsThis flat iron has 100% ceramic which emit far infrared heat. This helps in preserving the natural moisture available in hair shaft and shields any hair damage.

This hair straightener has maximum temperature setting up to 450 degree Fahrenheit which makes it useful extremely curly African American hair.

This flat iron straightens the hair with ease and gives long lasting effects. It leaves your hair silky and smooth looking. It does not damage your hair because of its advanced technology.

Now great news is that you can buy it at amazon for 70% discount. It will cost you around $45 only. To buy and know more click Royale Classic 1.25 Inch Purple Flat Iron Hair Straightener

So the above Royale hair straighteners reviews give us the best selling and better result producing ones. There is one point which is important to mention here is that these flat irons are not as fast as some of other brands like Babyliss. But having said that these are still very good options to own a hair styling tools.

All these hair straighteners come with a warranty of 5 years which makes them unique in a sense. As compared to other brands Royale hair straightener are less expensive. So you need to pick the one which suits your need well.

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  1. I have a royale straightener that just broke and can not find where to send it back for my warranty. Please inform me of this information.

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